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Nelson Brothers Core Safety Culture: Care

Safety for our customers, team members, and communities is a mission-critical focus for our team. We approach safety with a proactive mindset and the belief that through adequate planning and proper execution: all operating exposures can be safeguarded, and all accidents can be prevented. Our safety culture is aligned with our core values of care and service (detailed in full here).

It is Management’s responsibility to:

  • Train all employees in safe work practices 
  • Conduct safety audits and take corrective action where necessary
  • Require every employee to perform safe work practices in their job duties 

It is the Employee’s responsibility to:

  • Adhere to strict safety principles as a condition of employment
  • Integrate Safety as a part of each job function
  • Embody the Nelson Brothers Safety Culture in the performance of his/her job duties 

Safety Coins

 Nelson Safety Coins

Safety coins became a part of Nelson Brothers’ safety program as a nod to U.S. military challenge coins. Each of our team members are encouraged to carry a Nelson Brothers coin with them while on the job as a tangible reminder of our safety beliefs and commitments. Team members can be asked to show their coins; those who cannot produce them may be asked to lead or share a certain topic at future safety meetings. There have been many versions of the coins over the years, including some that are specific to certain sites or operating regions.

Next time you see us, ask about the safety coin! We are happy to give you one so that you, too, may use it to share our safety culture with others.

Oak trees represent a deep and powerful symbolism that cultures and civilizations have revered for centuries. The Oak tree, with its sturdy trunk and sprawling branches, represents strength, stability, endurance, power, justice, and honesty. The oak tree's robust root system penetrates deep into the earth, anchoring it firmly in place. The symbolism the oak tree provides for Nelson Brothers and specifically the SBU, Samoset Plant, and Shop can be seen in the beginning, 1956, with Dugan and Olen setting the roots of the company in Parrish, Alabama, bringing to life what Nelson Brothers is today and what it will be in the future. This family-owned company can most aptly be represented by a "Company Family Tree." With the trunk being the (what is now called) NBLLC and the original business (now called the SBU), all the branches and knots and twists and turns of the Oak branches represent every new adventure and joint venture. A branch for every new formulation of emulsifier, a branch for every new business adventure (Appalachia, Mining Services, distributor groups, Specialty Chemicals), a branch for every employee, and a new branch for every customer. Leaves and acorns stand for all that comes with new ideas and growth. The SBU, or what used to be known by just a name, Nelson Brothers, is the strong trunk that grew from those roots in 1956 and serves as the starting point for all new growth and new life. Every employee in West Virginia, Wyoming, or across the country and every customer, whether stateside or across the ocean, has been affected by the "SBU" and the roots planted back in 1956.


On this coin, you will also find references to the Nelson Brothers Family, the Nelson Brothers' Core Values, and the safety slogans that help remind us that the goal is for everyone to return home safely. Each of the flags represents the current operational footprint of the SBU. Safety is a real team and "Family" effort and takes all of us.


IME Membership

Nelson Brothers is an active member of the Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME). The IME’s mission is simple but absolutely critical: “to promote safety and security for the commercial explosives industry.”

For over a century, IME has represented U.S. manufacturers of commercial explosives and other companies that distribute them or provide related products and services. It works to develop and promote best practices for the commercial explosives industry to promote both safety and security. IME has been a leader in the development of comprehensive recommendations and guidelines as it pertains to the distribution and use of commercial explosives. These recommendations have been incorporated into many federal, state and local regulations governing safety and security in the manufacturing, transportation, storage, handling and use of explosive materials in blasting and other operations.

As a reflection of our safety culture and commitment to proactive safety, Nelson Brothers is consistently one of the most heavily represented member companies amongst persons participating in IME affairs. Our team members have a history of actively chairing many of the standing committees and their respective sub-committees. Our commitment to the IME mission and broad, high-level participation ensure that we are at the forefront of safety and security developments in the industry.

Visit the IME website for more information about the Institute.

Stop, Think, Plan!

Safety is central to all activities across our business. We are focused on identifying potential hazards before they take place and then taking steps to eliminate them. Simply put, we “Stop, think, plan” for safety.

We recognize the value of employee communication identifying hazards in the workplace and promote employee participation in efforts to eliminate such hazards. A successful safety and health program is everyone’s responsibility. We are all responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behavior and work conditions

Stop. Think. Plan. image for safety and compliance

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